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Creation Aquatics tropical fish section has over 60 full size tanks to view, all our tanks are well maintained, with regular weekly water changes and water quality checks carried out daily - all of our fish are well acclimatised and feeding well on a variety of food, including flake, live daphnia etc. We always have in stock a wide range of the ever popular community freshwater tropical fish for sale, including: Neon Tetras, Cardinal Tetras, many types of Barbs, Danios, Gouramies, Koi Angels, Guppies (too many varieties to list), Platys, Mollies, Catfish and Clown Loaches, Hillstream Loaches - in fact probably more species of fish than we can remember. Also stocked is a wide range of the Cichlid species including African Rift Lake Cichlids from Malawi and Tanganyika. We also stock Cichlids from central and western Africa, the Lake Victoria basin and South and Central American Cichlids – including many rarely imported and hard-to-find species. In-store there are some of the larger fish species that need to have tanks all to themselves, like - Mbuna, Catfish, large Common Plecs, shovel nose cats etc. Large tank decorations are also available for aquascaping your aquarium or biotope, these include small, medium and large pieces of Driftwood, Rocks and stones of all sizes, and some absolutely stunning Natural Bogwood for show tanks - artificial plants etc are also stocked. Discus keepers are well catered for, with a large tank of popular discus including - Heckel, Green, Brown and Blue and Turquoise varieties all usually kept in stock. We receive new deliveries of tropical fish delivered to the store every week from our trusted UK wholesalers and also from our own direct imports to the UK.
We also have a large selection of healthy water plants to create your own aquascape. If you are just setting up a new tank or looking to add some new company to an established set up, make sure you pay us a visit and have a look around our exceptional tank section. We have new tanks from all the leading manufacturers, and at the last count we had in excess of 100 or so pre used tanks of all shapes and sizes and budgets. All our pre owned stock are leak tested and any lighting modules are all checked for safety and functionality. We also have a large selection of “glass only” tanks, and these make ideal quarantine tanks or make ideal growing on tanks for fry. Call us today - as our pre owned stocks change on a daily basis. Our fish care and husbandry is second to none, and with over 27 years of fish keeping knowledge we can guarantee you will receive top quality advice and guidance from people with a passion for fish keeping.