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Spring has arrived and with it the warmer weather, now is the time to get on top of the maintenance to your pond, our new range of Blagdon pond equipment will help keep your pond and fish in tip top condition - dont forget we carry a wide range of pellet foods, water conditioners, Fountains, lights and pond liners!. This month we are highlighting our new range of pond pump and filters from the acclaimed Blagdon range - all these items are in stock and ready to take away and all at very competitive prices.
Blagdon Force Hybrid Pond Pumps
Blagdon Force Hybrid pumps have been designed to be powerful in water garden use. The emphasis in performance is placed on pumping power when there are flow restrictions such as: metres of hose, filters and the lift to the waterfall (pressure/head). Having that extra power in the pump is vital when these restrictions are placed on the moving water. This ensures that, when the water reaches its destination, it is still moving at the rate needed and has not been slowed beyond flow requirements. The Blagdon Force Hybrid is a completely new asynchronous (single direction) motor uses the highest quality components, providing durability and reliability combined with efficiency and economy. The Blagdon Force Hybrid Pond pumps are designed to give fantastic flow at a realistic 2 metre + lift/head against significant back pressure. This considered , the Blagdon Force Hybrid offers greater maximum head heights than most caged pumps (up to 5.5m and 8mm solid handling). Unique switchable hybrid intake system which allows the pump to be used with either a multi purpose cage mode which allows water to be drawn into the pump from the pond floor and above or the sludge removal mode which allows the pump to only take water and sludge from the pond floor for filter performance. All Blagdon Force Hybrid pumps have a 3 year guarantee. 
Hybrid Pond Pumps
Model: FH 6000 Max flowrate at 2m - 2880 ltr/hr (634 gal/hr) max pumping height 3.5 mtrs (11’ 5”) FH 8000 Max flowrate at 2m - 5000 ltr/hr (1100 gal/hr) max pumping height 4.8 mtrs (15’ 7”) FH 10000 Max flowrate at 2m - 5900 ltr/hr (1298 gal/hr) max pumping height 5.5 mtrs (18’) FH 14000 Max flowrate at 2m - 8360 ltr/hr (1839 gal/hr) max pumping height 4.8 mtrs (15’ 7”) FH 16000 Max flowrate at 2m - 9250 ltr/hr (2035 gal/hr) max pumping height 5.5 mtrs (18’)
£226.95 £245.95 £249.95 £269.95 £294.95
£156.95 £169.95 £199.95 £229.95 £254.95
Minipond Filtration System
Minipond garden water filtration system Low maintenance, unique five stage filter design. Low Maintenance Minipond filters create a clean and healthy environment for your fish. A minimum of maintenance is needed due to the unique five stage filter design:
5 Stage Filter Process To A Clear & Healthy Pond Stage 1 - High performance UVC clears green water algae. Stage 2 - Graded foam filter pads remove dirt and waste. Stage 3 - Ceramic biological filter media prevent the build up of harmful toxins in the pond. Stage 4 - Replaceable polymer wool pad removes fine waste particles and polishes the water. Stage 5 - Replaceable Carbon impregnated pad removes chemical pollutants. Easy To Clean 1 - Large hinged lid allows easy access for viewing and removal of filter media for cleaning. 2 - Polymer wool and carbon pads can be removed and replaced by pulling out the cartridge. Blagdon Minipond filters come with a 2 year guarantee.
Blagdon Minipond Filtration System
MPF 4500 For ponds up to 4500 ltrs / 990 gals - with 5w UV tube - Flow rate 2250 lt/hr (495gph) MPF 6000 For ponds up to 6000 ltrs / 1320 gals - with 9w UV tube - Flow rate 3000 lt/hr (660gph) MPF 10000 For ponds up to 10000 ltrs / 2200 gals - with 18w UV tube - Flow rate 5000 lt/hr (1100gph) MPF 14000 For ponds up to 14000 ltrs / 3080 gals - with 24w UV tube - flow rate 7000 lt/hr (1546 gals)
£129.95 £144.95 £294.99 £339.99
£99.95 £114.95 £239.99 269.99
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Minipond/Midipond Pond Pumps
A range of exceptional value display fountain pumps – Ideal for pebble pools, small pond fountains and water features. MiniPond pumps are supplied with sectional riser pipes, a flow control and 3 fountain jet options.
MP 700 for small ponds - up to 700 ltrs /154gals - Max Flow rate 520ltr/hr - (114gals/hr) MP 900 for small ponds - up to 900 ltrs /98gals - Max Flow rate 900ltrs/hr - (176gals/hr) MP 2000 for small ponds - up to 1800 ltrs/380gals - Max Flow rate 2000ltrs/hr - (440gals/hr) MDP 3500 for small ponds - up to 3500ltrs - Max Flow rate 3310ltrs/hr (729gals/hr) MDP 4500 for small ponds - up to 4500ltrs - Max Flow rate 4400ltrs/hr (968gals/hr) MDP 5500 for med/lrg ponds - up to 5500ltrs - Max Flow rate 5360ltrs/hr (1179gals/hr) MDP 6000 for large ponds - up to 6500ltrs - Max flow rate 6350ltrs/hr (1398gals/hr)
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£35.95 £40.00 £89.95 £124.95 £145.95 £179.95 £199.95
£26.99 £31.99 £69.95 £99.95 £124.95 £149.95 £179.95
Blagdon Pro UV Filters
PRO UVC 1620 for ponds up to 16200 ltrs (3564 gal) - Max Flow rate 8100 ltr/hr (1782 gal.hr) 18w UVC PR) UVC 21600 for ponds up to 21600 ltrs (7128 gal) - Max Flow Rate 10800 ltr/hr (2376 gal/hr) 24w UVC PRO UVC 32400 for ponds up to 32400 ltrs (7128 gal) - Max Flow rate 16200 ltr/hr (3564 gal/hr) 36w UVC PRO UVC 64800* for ponds up to 64800 ltrs (14256 gal) - Max Flow rate 32400 ltr/hr (7128 gal/hr) 72w UVC * This model PRO UVC 64800 is a twin tube model - 36w x 2
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£160.00 £174.99 £184.00 £349.99
£99.99 £114.99 £139.99 £299.99
The Blagdon Pro UltraViolet Clarifier ('UVC') has been designed for the larger pond. Simply put, the  Blagdon Pro UltraViolet Clarifier is effective for the long term control of green water by exposing the pond water to ultraviolet (UV) light. It is a chemical free solution with no detrimental effects to the environment or water quality and ensures the destruction of algae and therefore 'green water', leaving you with a clear view of your fish.
Blagdon High Capacity Pressure Filter Kit
The Blagdon High Capacity Pressure Filter Kits are to ur knowledge the only filter kit on the market to run fountains, filters and waterfalls, it uses and extremely reliable low maintenance 2- 4mm solid handling pond pumps - High biological Capacity and a 2 years manufacturers guarantee. The ideal solution for an all in one.
PF4000 for small ponds up to 4000ltrs - canister size 16.5ltrs UVC size 13w. Complete with pump PF6000 for medium ponds up to 6000ltrs - canister size 21.5ltrs UVC size 13w. Complete with pump PF10000 for large ponds up to 10000ltrs - canister size 33.5ltrs UVC size 13w. Complete with pump
£225.99 £249.99 £350.00
£169.99 £199.99 £249.99
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