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With a vast stock of water treatments, additives, salt from Red Coral, and Red Coral Pro. A huge live rock section (all cured in our own sumps) live sand - Coral Sand - all at competitive prices. Calcium reactors, phosphate reactors, protein skimmers from Bubble Magus (which we consider one of the best on the market for the price point) Lighting in a Marine setup is paramount, and we have a massive selection of T5 tubes from all major suppliers. L.E.D lighting is also catered for with units from Arcadia, Mazspect and Radion - with light outputs and widths to suit all tank sizes, High power Halide lighting systems also available. Power heads from Koralia and also wave controllers. Pipework, tubing, pipe fittings, clips, connectors, if we do not have it, chances are it probably doesn’t exist! Aquarium Heaters, all sizes available, internal and external - all major brands in stock. Frozen food from Gamma and .... Reverse Osmosis Systems and spares always in stock. UV filter systems and spare tubes to suit all tank sizes. Test kits for phosphate, ammonia, nitrates etc. PH meters, TDS Meters, Refractometers in stock What we haven’t got in we can usually get!
Creation Aquatics marine section includes a stunning array of marine fish in just about any shape size and colour you can think of. All the usual marine inhabitants reside with us here, and a few unusual ones as well - several varieties of the Clown fish, variants include: Clarki, Percula, Common Clown, Skunk Clowns and Maroon Clowns are stocked - to name but a few. Inverts are covered with a display tank at the front of the shop and throughout the other tanks - all shown in their natural habitat. Bubble Tip, Condylactis anemones etc, CoCo tube worms, Soft Corals Various Mushrooms, Pulse Zenia, Goniopora, Torch Coral etc Sea Hares - are one of the more bizarre algae eaters we stock, Cleaner Shrimp, Sand Sifting Starfish, Blood Red Shrimps, Peppermint Shrimps and Blue Kneed Hermit Crabs are just a few of the various clean up crew inhabitants usually available. If your thinking of setting up marine for the first time we have a wide selection of what we would call beginners fish are usually in stock - like, Blue/Green Chromis, Yellow Tail Blue Damsels, Algae Blennies, Firefish - new stock arrives weekly to add to our varied selection - the display pictures give you an idea as to what’s usually in stock. We also have a shop produced R.O Water system running which is also available for you to take away, just bring your own container or purchase one in store.