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Skimmers The most asked question we get at the shop is “Do i need a skimmer” - the obvious answer is yes.... - if your keeping marine fish that is, but that simple answer depends on whether your going to keep fish and live rock or just live rock and a few inverts in the tank, The bio load on your tank with inverts and fish will most likely be way too much for the live rock to handle, so a skimmer is pretty much essential to pull out all the muck and grime that the fish will leave behind just by being their, the skimmer will take care of all the protein residue and deposit the “skimmate” as its called into the top cup chamber, once you have seen what this collects you will definitely be glad you have one and your fish will thank you for it. We carry all the major brands and can offer you advice based on our own and customers usage as to what would be suitable for you.
Powerheads and Pumps These are pretty much essential items in any marine tank as they move the water round the tank in a way that nature would, directing the flow around the tank and into any crevices in the live rock and eliminate any “dead spots” where the live rock can stagnate, keeping the water moving in various directions will also benefit inverts, filter feeders like tube worms etc that like their food delivered to them in any passing current available - individual powerheads are usually positioned inside the tank by a suction cup and a magnetic base on the outside of the glass, controllers can also be installed to alternate the flow from head to head, creating tidal ebb and flow and creating a more natural environment for the inhabitants. Pumps are usually used to power sump chambers and phosphate reactors etc in marine set ups - We carry a wide range in stock - pumps are equally at home in the freshwater tank - these can be used with equal effect for water flow and extra filtration etc.
Heaters Again, an essential item in the tank, Freshwater or Marine, heaters do one thing and that’s warm up the water for your fish and keep it at that temperature consistently and reliably - choosing the right heater is based purely on a few factors. How big is the tank? - Heaters are sold in size by their wattage, anything from 50w to 400w for big tanks - if your not sure what size you need then just ask one of our friendly staff. Inline or in tank? - This can fall under the “do you want to see it” category or if you prefer an uncluttered tank with no unsightly items to spoil the view of your prized occupants, arguably neither have any benefits apart from aesthetic, an inline heater does what it says, its plumbed into the return or flow pipe of the power filter and warms the water via a built in electrical heater, disadvantage of these systems is if they malfunction it could be a while before you notice as the unit is usually tucked away with the other plumbing and can be a bit of a faff to remove and get the system up and running again - just a personal choice really, we keep all types in stock though. Digital Display or not? - That’s purely a personal choice also and usually based on cost, if you like to see the temperature your tank is heated to visually in a window then one with a digital display is the way to go, these type inherently have some form of thermistor / comparator controlled thermostat and are likely to be more accurate in stabilising the overall temperature than their less sophisticated cousins, at Creation Aquatics we have managed to obtain some very nice digital display heaters that will give you the accuracy you need and at a price that’s hard to beat - call us for details.
Power Filters These fall into external (canister type) or internal in tank filters, Power type filters are generally more use in a freshwater tropical tank than a marine one, purely because the needs for either is totally different, in a tropical freshwater system the filter is not just a mechanical means of cleaning the water, but is also a biological washing machine so to speak, all the bio media bugs in the filter are “cultured” in the filter foam, bio balls, porous stone etc, over a period of time and although it looks ghastly when you clean it, it is in fact natures way of filtering the water chemically, this in turn breaks down the ammonia and nitrates the fish produce and returns the water back to the tank less a very high percentage of the fish waste that went in. With modern canister filters, cleaning them is a breeze, most have a built in isolating valve that you just turn off, take the canister to the sink and do the maintenance, (tips for filter maintenance here) put the valve assembly back in and turn the pump back on, simple as that. Internal filters do the same type of job but usually are limited to tank size, either way, too many fish and the water quality will suffer purely due to the fact the filter cannot cope with the load, most if not all our customers at some stage “upgrade” if you like to a canister type filter, we offer all types to suit your individual needs, just ask for advice. Marine tanks do not actually need bio power filtration as the live rock and skimmer pretty much do all the hard work for you - and the bio filtration that goes on inside actually turns the filter into a massive nitrate factory - something to be avoided at all costs in a marine setup, so unless your extremely diligent, willing to change filter pads every couple of days and use it purely just to “polish” the water - or run it with Rowaphos  or such like in the filter chambers - then we tend to recommend you don’t use one for marine setups.
U.V Steriliser Filters These are something we recommend in marine tanks and are the silent guardians to clean most water borne disease and keep green algae spores at bay, although they are no substitute for good water quality, they can help a great deal. Choosing the right one depends on tank size and flow rate, external UV steriliser filters are generally accepted as the best of the bunch for larger tanks, these are connected usually to a separate pumps flow and return or can be connected in series with the flow from the sump back to the tank. Flow rate is one of the important factors, too fast and the water fails to get enough exposure - all our UV filters include “swirl” type water channels in the tube housing to make sure the water stays in contact with the UV light for as long possible before returning to the tank, smaller in tank versions are available with built in pumps as well. Just ask in-store or give us a call for advice.
At Creation Aquatics we have a full range of equipment by all the major manufacturers designed to keep your water clean, healthy and a nice place for your fish to live in.