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Creation Aquatics Cold water Fish and Pond department consists of a huge display of just about anything you require to build and maintain a garden pond, we have preformed ponds in various shapes and sizes, pond liners cut to size, pumps, filter systems, fountains, water features that just plug in and go, right up to sophisticated waterfall designs. Special offers on all pond equipment and sundries run throughout the summer months, and a wide selection of pellet food, water conditioners and weed control products from all the major suppliers are always in stock.
With Spring fast approaching, now is the time to start sprucing up the garden pond and water features as the fish begin to wake up from their winter hibernation. General maintenance at this time will ensure you get to enjoy your pond in the coming months, and if you have pumps, filters or fountains, its wise to ensure these are in good working order. Checking any pre filters or sponges on your fountains or filter systems for blockages or damage will ensure a trouble free summer, just as important is to check any electrical connections you may have to pumps, lights etc, for any loose connections and ensure they are water proof where required
Pond Maintenance
Pond Treatments
One of the biggest problems when the summer does finally arrive is that it also brings with it Algae and Blanket Weed to our ponds, this can look unsightly and fortunately is relatively easy to cure and control. We have a range of water treatments available that will help eliminate these problems and for the more permanent cures we have UV Sterilisers to help eliminate the cause of these blooms. U.V Systems and box filter units are available in all sizes to suit your pond Water conditioners also help to reduce the available “food” that Algae and Blanket Weed thrive on, just ask in store for advice.
Fountains - These a couple of things - they look attractive - and more importantly allow oxygen to be absorbed into the water, its a common misconception that blowing bubbles under the water oxygenates the water, when in fact 80 percent of all available oxygen is absorbed from the surface area of the pond (any disturbance of the surface water will increase this amount) in a hot summer where the temperature of the water rises, any absorbed oxygen is taken in by the fish and also leeches from the pond due to the heat - this is why fish gulping air at the surface means your oxygen levels are depleted and the fish are becoming stressed. One of the easiest ways to minimise this is keep the water moving, create a water feature that breaks the surface, a fountain or a waterfall does the trick - fundamentally you are doing this for the welfare of the fish, but the side benefits are its pleasing and the sound of water splashing from a fountain while your drinking a beer cant be beat! CALL US NOW FOR THE BEST ADVICE AND PRICES
Pond Equipment
Filtration There is no escaping the fact that if you have an ornamental pond that you will most likely need a filtration system to help nature to keep the water clean and crystal clear, being able to see your fish is fundamental to owning a pond!. Filter systems for ponds come in all shapes and sizes, but all revolve around moving water from the pond via a pump into some mechanical filtration unit and back into the pond again - less some detritus etc. If you look carefully at many ornamental ponds that have a waterfall feature of some type installed - this is usually the result of the filtered water coming back from the filter system being fed back into the pond - the filter chambers or boxes are usually hidden from view behind a mound, wall or some well placed shrubbery or bushes for easy maintenance. We can advise on the correct size and what system to choose to help your pond stays clear this summer.