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The most important thing a new fish keeper needs is somewhere to keep 200 odd litres of water - and of course the fish - Luckily Creation Aquatics has just the answer, in its huge range of new aquariums, and our ever changing large stock of pre used tanks. Below you will find just some of the bargains we keep in stock, these items are for collection only (unless by arrangement) and are just a small sample of the range of new and pre used aquariums available - and remember - We are always competitive on price where possible, give us a call.
The all New AquaReef range from Aqua One are purpose designed for salt-water tanks and constructed totally from non corrosive materials with the use alloy space frame load bearing cabinets. The use of pure white Opti glass symbolises the quality found throughout the Aquaone range. All models come with a newly redesigned glass sump, pipework, filtration media, heater, protein skimmer and filtration pump, (cabinet and pipework comes pre- assembled) Available in  sizes 195, 275, 300 and 400 litres and finished in either Black or White finish. Lighting options are available  (275 litre only available in Black)
Full range of Fluval tanks are availble. These are great value aquariums, with style and flair that would grace any living room. Matching cabinets can be supplied in a range of finishes from traditional wood style finishes to Stainless Steel on the Profiles range. The Italian styling sets these aquariums apart, nice touches like reversible cabinets doors on some models to give a contrasting finish, drilled tanks to hide pipework and built in timers for the lighting on some models. Please Ring For Current Prices
We Can Offer Full Expert Set Up Advice Mike offers customers new to fish keeping first class advice based on his 27 years of fish keeping knowledge.
DELIVERY Some of the Aquariums we sell are quite large and we can sometimes offer and arrange a local delivery service for a small fee for these items, this is always subject to availability. We are also happy to take in part exchange items (depending on condition) on your existing system against a  brand new aquarium. Just talk to Mike for the best possible trade in price.
PRE OWNED TANKS We have a superb range of Pre Owned aquariums at Creation Aquatics, in fact far too many to list, suffice to say if your looking for another tank, from a small glass breeding tank to a full blown marine system do give us a call - we may well have what your looking for in stock. Our large pre owned showroom is well worth a browse, or just give us a call and let us know what your looking for.
Juwel Aquariums offer a range of tanks to suit almost any requirements and are available with matching Cabinets. With a superb variety of finishes and accessories  the spacious cabinets can house all the power filters and equipment you need. The Juwel range of aquariums makes choosing a tank simple. Please Ring For Current Prices
AquaReef 195 195 Litres Aquarium = 52d x 68w x 77h cm SSP 599.99  Cabinet = 52d x 68w x 79h cm SSP 229.99 Available in Black and White AquaReef 275 275 Litres Aquarium = 70d x 70w x 77h cm SSP 649.99  Cabinet = 70d x 70w x 79h cm SSP 279.99 Available in Black
AquaReef 300 195 Litres Aquarium = 52d x 102w x 73h cm SSP £799.99 Cabinet = 52d x 102w x 88h cm SSP £419.99 Available in Black and White
AquaReef 400 400Litres Aquarium = 52d x 132w x 73h cm SSP £899.99 Cabinet = 52d x 132w x 88h cm SSP £499.99 Available in Black and White
The amazing new MiniReef features a glass sump filtration system that comes complete with bio media and a filter sock for crystal clear water. The sump also houses the Moray circulation pump, the G216 protein skimmer which is highly effective due to it's pin wheel design impeller, as well as a heater. Lighting is provided by the powerful Mariglo LED lighting system, containing a mixture of 1 watt white and blue LED's which can be operated independently of each other. This mounts onto the aquarium using the feet provided, and can be used with or without the optional glass aquarium cover glass.
• Hight output, powerful MariGlo LED lighting, suitable for SPS and LPS • Sump filtration system • Pre-assembled cabinets • Complete with Aqua One Pre Filter Sock and Bracket
MiniReef 90 85 Litres Aquarium = 45d x 45w x 45h cm SSP £369.99 Cabinet = 52d x 132w x 88h cm SSP £99.99
MiniReef 120 120 Litres Aquarium = 45d x 60w x 45h cm SSP £459.99 Cabinet = 45d x 60w x 76h cm SSP £119.99
Red Sea’s reef aquarium systems have been designed in order to provide you with the ultimate reef keeping experience made easier than ever before. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced hobbyist, our wide range of advanced reef systems will meet and exceed your most demanding needs and expectations.
Rimless Reef Ready marine and coral reef aquarium Systems for advanced hobbyists Red Sea’s REEFER™ series of reef systems provide advanced hobbyists with a solid foundation for building a fully featured reef or marine aquarium. The REEFER™ series combines a contemporary, rimless, ultra-clear glass aquarium with a stylish cabinet and a comprehensive water management system including a professional sump with integrated automatic top-up and Red Sea’s unique silent down-flow system.
Red Sea Reefer Nano 105 £499.00
Red Sea Reefer 170 £599.00
Red Sea Reefer 250 £810.00
Red Sea Reefer 350 £1,075.00
Red Sea Reefer 450 £1,510.00
The marine-spec laminated cabinet that houses the sump, (and in the larger models also includes a dedicated, vented space for chillers) is smartly finished with weatherproof, epoxy-painted doors. To ensure a constant water level in the pump compartment, all REEFER™ sumps include an integrated automatic freshwater top-up unit,  guaranteeing a constant, stable water flow throughout the complete system. Supplied as a complete self-assembly kit, all pipe work is ready without the need for any gluing.